Glog of the Day

So I’m at school and the wifi is down, so I ask my teacher how am I supposed to run a business with no wifi? People need to understand that its not just a blog, but rather a lifestyle choice!

Comment on this what you think suffsies should get for christmas. Enjoy!




Its now GLOG.. i changed it.

What. is. uuPPPPPP my dudes. (max, grow up)

Anyway, did you smell tuffsies today? yikes on a bike my dudes.

Word of the day: Ebolaconstrictor.

Sentence: If you encounter an Ebolaconstrictor, run in zig zags, those things are lethal.

World Importance: they are running wild all over africa, and the middle east(@judinaidhood)

SO  uh yup, ill see you in an okay? Alright!

Also, Finzer has resigned. #bloggerout. .



When Dave Chappelle Met Rob Ford



I know this is the exact opposite of more privacy, but what would the world have to do for you to get active on Twitter or Instagram? Because that’d be hilarious.
I have a pretty dope selfie gallery.

Do you really?
Kanye, Kim, Jay and Beyoncé. Jessica Alba. There’s a great picture from Radio City of me, Chris Rock, and Aziz. Selfies are my shit. I love taking selfies…. Rob Ford.

Holy shit. Rob Ford?
Seriously, you can Google it. I was in Toronto for a few shows, and they told me I couldn’t smoke onstage. And I was like, “Well, can’t you just waive the rule tonight?” And they’re like, “It’s a citywide ordinance.” So I got up the next morning and went to the mayor’s office. This is before all that shit about him came out.

What happened? You actually met him?
I was like, “Is the mayor…

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